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•  Multifaceted Impacts of Hamas-Israeli War Upon Global Economy

       The Hamas-Israeli conflict is marked by a cycle of violence. The conflict’s escalation often leads to widespread destruction of infrastructure, loss of life, and displacement of populations and economic instability.
       The international community has responded to the Hamas-Israeli conflict with calls for de-escalation, humanitarian assistance, and diplomatic efforts to promote a peaceful resolution. However, achieving lasting peace and stability remains elusive, underscoring the need for sustained engagement and cooperation among stakeholders to address the conflict’s root causes and mitigate its adverse economic impacts.
       In conclusion, the Hamas-Israeli conflict exerts profound economic effects on the global economy, disrupting trade, investment, and financial markets while imposing humanitarian and economic costs on affected populations. As efforts to resolve the conflict continue, international cooperation and multilateral initiatives are essential to mitigate its negative repercussions and foster sustainable development in the region.
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Ömer Faruk ŞAHSİ
Mustafa Eren Öztürk1 kopya
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Mustafa Eren ÖZTÜRK