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• Syria Civil War

      The aftermath of World War I reshaped the Middle East post-Ottoman Empire collapse, setting the stage for Syria’s pivotal history. The Syrian Civil War, igniting on March 15, 2011, transcends domestic unrest, evolving into a global concern with profound humanitarian repercussions. The protracted conflict, entangled with geopolitical complexities, has triggered a significant refugee crisis and regional instability. Syria’s strategic location attracts major players, intensifying global implications and emphasizing the need for comprehensive international intervention.
      A decade of turmoil has transformed Syria into a struggling state, grappling with famine, disease, terrorism, and mass migrations. Designated a “fragile state,” it faces a high risk of humanitarian crises. The compounded impact of drought and conflict demands urgent global attention, posing the crucial question of whether the UN will reshape Syria’s fate or risk echoes of past Middle Eastern setbacks.
Burak Aygün
Under Secretary General
M. Burak AYGÜN
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